Disposable Products
Writing & Priniting Paper
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Disposable Products
Disposable Food packing Container : Disposable Food packing Container
Aluminium Foil Containers, Plastic Round Containers, Plastic Square Containers, Lunch Boxes, Break Fast Box, Sandwich Box, Burger Box, Paper Sweet Box.
Disposable Plates : Disposable Plates
Paper Plates, Plastic Plates, Thermocol Plates, Arcanut Plates.
Disposable Glasses & Cups : Drinking Accessories
Paper Glasses. PP & HIPS Glasses, Thermocal Glasses.
Disposable Bowls & Donas : Disposable Bowls & Donas
Plastic Bowl, Donas, Plastic, Ice Cups, Thermocal Bowls, Donas & Trays.
Drinking Accessories : Disposable Glasses & Cups
Plastic Straws, Plastic Lids, Stirrers.
Cling Film & Aluminium Foils : Disposable Bowls & Donas
PVC Food Wraping Cling Film, Aluminium Food Packaing Foils. Foil Cut Sheet.
Polythene Bags : Polythene Bags
20 Micron Extra Storng Carry Bages, Garbage Covers, Grabage Cover Jumbo, Magic Seal Polythene Bags, Wedding Regular & Foam Bags,Grocery Cover Parcel Sheets, Zip Pouches, Silver Foil Covers.
Spoons & Cutleries : Spoons & Cutleries
Plastic Spoons, Plastic Forks, Plastic Stirres, Toothpicks, Chop Sticks.
Medical Disposables : Medical Disposables
Hand Gloves, Bouffant Caps, Surgeon's Cap, Approns, Operation theatre Kits, Bed sheets, Shoe Covers
Tissues Rolls & Napkins : Tissues Rolls & Napkins
Nakkins, Toilet Rolls, Kitchen Rolls, C Fold & Inter Folds, Jumbo Toilet Rolls, Box Tissues, Face Tissues, Wet tissues.
Assorted Itmes : Assorted Itmes
Chef Caps, Dispensers, Table Tops/ Table Rolls, Beeda Box.
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